Transmission and distribution of electricity:

Transmission and distribution of electricity:

The power industry, as an infrastructure and parent industry, plays an important role in the economic development and well-being of communities. The importance of electricity is that, due to the possibility of using more modern technologies and environmental considerations, it can be selected as an appropriate energy in all fields of activity. In this regard it is necessary to provide proper support to the electricity industry, and solve its challenges. In fact, the advancement and development of technology, the minimization and increased efficiency of the systems, are associated with the powered equipment; in other word, many of the technologies that have used other energies are now electrified. This might be the very strong reason to pay close attention to this important energy.

In the same vein, the management believed that the entry of internationally acclaimed companies, the use of new technologies, the promoting of the scientific knowledge of managers and experts in distribution and transmission companies, and their familiarity with the state of the art know-how and developments of this industry can provide for more dynamic companies, and also a good solution to some of the existing problems. Further, this helps such companies to attract foreign financial resources and set up for the presence of internationally accredited companies in the country's electricity industry to prevent problems such as sanctions, budget problems, etc.; and in return, avoids power outages and disruptions in the production and transfer process. This industry plays a significant role in economic growth and development, which might be otherwise facing crisis.

Popular Questions

  • What services do we offer in this area?

    •  Providing the latest technology available in Russia in the field of production, transmission and distribution of electricity
    •  Providing foreign financing to construct transmission and distribution networks
    •  Modernization as well as providing solutions for automation of transmission and distribution networks in the country in cooperation with internationally accredited companies
    •  Supply of essential equipment and spare parts for the production, transmission and distribution of electricity network
    •  Providing engineering and consulting services
    •  Organizing training courses and specialized seminars

  • Company projects in this area?

    •  Installing Pilot Distribution Equipment in Mashhad Regional Electricity Distribution Company
    •  Providing a comprehensive automation networking solution for Tavanir Co.


Transmission and distribution of electricity:
Transmission and distribution of electricity:
Transmission and distribution of electricity: