Directors Message

Directors Message

Iran’s fast growing economy and increasing demands for equipment and products in power, oil, gas, petrochemical, and water and wastewater industries cause local and domestic companies to import goods and high quality services. The activities can be done properly through a company which is able to provide such services in an integrated way with a reliable and competent management. Meanwhile, scale of the country's industries along with other necessities, such as use of the most up-to-date knowledge, communicating with technology-based companies, making new designs, modernizing the old facilities, and financing the projects, have led to quality of items and products used in these industries become very important. It is because, performance of main industries has played crucial role in development and sustainability of national economy.

In this regard, Sanatav has begun its business with a new perspective to the supply chain in various industrial fields. The company provides the services needed by the industries with the highest quality, competitive price and delivery in the shortest time. It has managed not only to use knowledge and valuable experiences of its management team and employ experienced personnel, but also to communicate with reputable companies and use of their experiences and identify needs of power, oil, gas, petrochemical and water and wastewater industries, in order to apply initiative methods to solve challenges of supplying goods and providing services for the industries.

So despite all international adverse conditions and economic events such as fluctuations in exchange rate, sanctions and etc. Sanatav Company has been able to perform effectively and distinctively in comparison with other Iranian companies at the same level. The company was able to prevent from disruption in supply chain of products which were required for implementing national projects. The success have been obtained by the managers and employees’ cooperation and hardworking. Now we are ready to provide effective and efficient services in short time with the highest quality, based on the previous experience as well as the new strategic plans and in line with the new rules of the company. Surely, love and devotion to the homeland and tolerating the hardships and limitations at this time will guarantee the future of next generation and will establish culture of work and effort in the country. Therefore, it is hoped that the service will result in efficiency, growth and success of various industries and economy of the country in all aspects.

Executive Background of the Managers of Sanatav Company

From 1981 to 2002, Managers of Sanatav, acted as the contractor and manager of Iranian and Russian personnel of Technoprom Export Company of Russia in the construction of the Ramin Ahwaz Power Plant (with 6 units of 300 MW), as well as the Shahid Montazeri Power Plant in Isfahan (with 8 units of 200 MW).; and later as the Board Chairman of Petrosimin Sabk Company, and Managing Director of Sanatav Company, since 2011. Over the years, the following projects have been carried out under management and supervision of the aforesaid:

  •  From 1992 to 2001, contractor for supply of specialized Iranian HR for Phase 2 Ramin Power Plant, units 5 and 6, under contract with Technoprom-Export Company with 1200 Iranian specialist workfoce;
  •  Performing 6 overhauls in units 1 to 6 of Ramin Power Plant as a contractor of Khuzestan Water and Power Company for duration of 6 years;
  •  Supply of parts and accessories of Ramin Ahwaz Power Plant for duration of 15 years;
  •  Performing three overhauls of Shahid Montazeri Power Plant in Isfahan;
  •  Performing 2 overhauls of units 1 and 4 of Esfahan Steel Company;
  •  Representative of the Russian Designer Orgenergostroy in the Bisotun Project;
  •  Services contractor of Gazprom Russia in Iran for duration of 4 years for financing the Phase 2 of Asaluyeh;
  •  Representative of the Russian Trans-Oil Company in the desertification of oil wells;
  •  Representative of the Belarusian Oil Company of Belarus in exploring the Southern Region;
  •  Contribution in the fuel conversion to coal for boilers of Zargan power plant;
  •  Repair of the high voltage turbine rotor of Ramin Ahwaz Power Plant at the LMZ turbine plant of Russia;
  •  Ordering and delivery of a medium voltage turbine rotor system to Shahid Mohammad Montazeri's Power Plant in Isfahan;
  •  Supply and installation and modernization of the debris filter system of main condenser of the Power Plant, and representative of the German Tepproge company as the supplier of the above equipment;
  •  Iranian partner of the Russian power plant consortium in the EPC-F projects for the development of the Dez dam hydropower plant and the recharge and increase of the nominal capacity of the Ramin steam power plant in Ahvaz;

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