Why Sanatav ?

Why Sanatav ?

Sanatav superiority in the field of industrial commerce is not solely due to the exclusive representation of dozens international companies working in power, oil, gas, petrochemicals industries. In fact, commercial companies are acting as a supplier, communicating with various foreign companies based on the needs of local projects and providing equipment. However, Sanatav is acting as an exclusive representative; it has seen in many cases the other Iranian companies wich have directly contacted with our contracting companies, they are referred to Sanatav headquarter through foreign partners to meet their needs. But regardless of the strong relationship between Sanatav headquarter with its international partners and the increasing number of its exclusive representatives, the most important reasons for Sanatav superiority over other domestic companies can be classified as follows:

About Us

Currently, one of the key issues facing large industrial projects throughout the country is availability of sustainable resources for supplying goods ...

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As the company is cooperating with the world's leading providers of industrial technology, our fundamental activities include obtaining ...

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Our Mission

Contributing to the promotion, innovation and sustainable development industry in Iran. Active presence in the supply chain of upstream ...

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Our Vission

Main landscape of the company is becoming a reliable and trusted partner for international famous brands in market of Iran and establishing the company ...

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In the attitude of Sanatav’s management team, business is a multi-aspect activity. While profitability is the main aspect of the business, satisfaction ...

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Our Goals

Supplying products through international companies based on employer’s demand. Protecting customers to access trade needs with customer-orientation ...

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