Green energies:

Green energies:

Nowadays, with the reduction of fossil fuel consumption in the world, the use of new and renewable energy that does not cause environmental pollutions also has found its place in the energy basket of different countries across the world since it is a fundamental solution in achieving sustainable development. In fact, the limited availability and rising cost of fossil fuels and greenhouse gas emissions, on the one hand, and the advancement of technology and economic justification, on the other hand, has led more and more attention to renewable energy.

Along the same line, we believe that renewable energy sources is an investment for energy independence, and countries that can expand their solar and wind energy infrastructures more quickly will be one step ahead of their rivals in competition for electricity generation and economic development. In this regard, the management has devised extensive plans to develop our activities in this area, since Iran has about 300 sunny days to take advantage of the invaluable solar energy thanks to its specific geographic conditions. With different geographic areas for the installation of wind turbines and solar panels and so on, the country enjoys its diversified capacities to use hydroelectric, wind, solar, geothermal and biomass power, and in the event of new investments, this God-given blessing can be best utilized.

Popular Questions

  • What services we offer in this area?

    •  Providing foreign financing for the construction of wind and solar power plants
    •  Supply of main equipment and accessories, and related spare parts for wind turbines, solar panels and expansion turbines
    •  Providing engineering and consulting services
    •  Providing supervisory services

  • Company projects in this area?

    •  Investigating and studying the 48 MW wind power plant at Arvand Free Zone, Khouzestan Province, in cooperation with EAB company
    •  Investigating and studying the 100 MW solar power plant in Iran, in cooperation with Greensource company
    •  Managing the purchase contract, and supervision, installation and commissioning operations for two 8MW expansion turbines at Shahid Mohammad Montazeri Power Plant in Isfahan for the first time in Iran


Green energies:
Green energies:
Green energies: