Thermal power plant:

Thermal power plant:

Today, different methods are used to generate electricity. However, in Iran thanks to the rich resources of oil and gas, the use of fossil fuels for generating electricity is more economical and more conventional. For this reason, thermal power plants are considered as the main source of electric power generation in the country, and as the main consumer of fossil fuels; hence can be regarded as potential sources for savings and optimization of fossil fuel consumption. Considering that more than 90% of the country's electricity needs are supplied by thermal power plants, we believe that the quality of power plants and their high efficiency will play an important role in the electricity production of the country.

In fact, if the efficiency of the thermal power plants increased by one percent, the electricity grid of the country can save an investment cost for construction of a 600 MW power plant, and fuel consumption will also decrease by at least 1%. In this case, due to various fuel inputs of thermal power plants, it is expected to save 503 million cubic meters of natural gas, 95 million liters of gasoline and 178 million liters of fuel oil consumption. The points presented above all confirm the economical investing more in the area of ​​modernization and improvement of thermal power plants, and existing incentive for the management team to develop their activities in the field of refurbishing and improving the capacity of thermal power plants.

Popular Questions

  • What services we offer in this area?

    • Providing foreign financing for the construction of new units and the modernization of old units
    • Modernization of old power plants
    • Providing supervisory services
    • Providing the essential equipment and accessories, and related spare parts needed for thermal power plants
    • Performing major overhauls and mid-term repairs
    • Providing engineering and consulting services
    • Supply of Iranian and foreign specialist forces
    • Organizing training courses and specialized seminars

  • Company projects in this area?

    • Iranian partner of the Russian power plant consortium in the projects for improving and increase of the nominal capacity for the Ramin Steam Power Plant of Ahwaz
    • Financing for the project of Ramin Steam Power Plant of Ahwaz worthing € 450 million
    • Managing the purchase contract, and supervision, installation and commissioning operations for two 8MW expansion turbines at Shahid Mohammad Montazeri Power Plant in Isfahan for the first time in Iran
    • Performing 3 overhauls at Shahid Mohammad Montazeri Power Plant in Isfahan
    • Winner of tender for the supply of governing valve system of Shahid Mohammad Montazeri Power Plant;
    • Winner of the tender for the supply of high voltage power valves of Shahid Mohammad Montazeri Power Plant;
    • Winner of the tender for the supply of high voltage power control system of Shahid Montazeri Power Plant;
    • Providing consulting services management, reviewing, collecting information and presenting a proposal for improving the efficiency of Shahid Mohammad Montazeri Power Plant in combined cycle based on the Razdan Combined Cycle Power Plant in Armenia;
    • Repair of high voltage turbine and rotor of Ramin Ahwaz Power Plant at the LMZ turbine plant of Russia
    • Supplying turbine seals for Zarand Power Plant in Kerman
    • contractor for supply of specialized Iranian HR for Phase 2 Ramin Power Plant, units 5 and 6, under contract with Technoprom-Export Company with 1200 Iranian specialist workfoce
    • 6 overhauls at units 1 to 6 of Ramin Power Plant
    • 4 overhauls of Shahid Montazeri Power Plant in Isfahan
    • 2 overhauls at units 1 and 4 of Esfahan Steel Company
    • Proposal for modernization and installing the debris filter for main condenser and cleaning system of condenser pipes at Bandar Abbas and Neka power plants


Thermal power plant:
Thermal power plant:
Thermal power plant: